Am I eligible?

Who we work with?

All professional immigrants and tradespeople who need foreign credential accreditation.


Who is this loan for?

  1. Am I an immigrant living in Canada 10 years or less?
  2. Am I a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or accepted refugee living in Greater Montreal?
  3. Do I have some training and working experience outside of Canada?
  4. Do I wish to continue working in the same or a related field?
  5. Do I need accreditation or complementary training to work in this field in Quebec?
  6. Do I have sufficient linguistic competency (French or English)?
  7. Do I have a career plan and know the different steps in the credential recognition process?

If you answered YES to the following questions, you are considered eligible.
If you think you are eligible, or want to learn more, visit the “Loan conditions” section for more details.