Make a donation

Make a donation!

ACEM uses its human and financial resources to help people and organizations by offering personalized support. Any person or organization can make a donation to support our Operation Fund. This fund consists of donations and grants from various sources including individuals and the provincial government. Given that 100% of investments are allocated to loans, this fund is used to finance our day-to-day operations.

Furthermore, in accordance with sound non-profit management practices, ACEM maintains a Reserve Fund for operations also fueled by donations from the community.


The impacts of your donation

  • Support our mission
  • Promote Community credit in Quebec
  • Promote community engagement and social inclusion
  • Support us in offering high quality accompaniment
  • Donations are entitled to a charitable donation tax receipt


For more information

To get more information, visit our “About us” section as well as our “Documentation centre” and “Press room”.


Ready for action? Contact us to discuss the modalities for a donation.