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Community credit:

a socially responsible investment!


A strong community involvement makes Community credit possible. It is the community lending to the community. ACEM has a leadership role on a local scale with individuals, businesses, organizations and financial partners who have the will to contribute positively to the social and economic development of Montreal by investing capital. By their actions, investors demonstrate their conviction that Community credit is a socially responsible investment. In addition to helping the community, this investment tool has a wider leveraging economic effect.


The Capitalization Fund is dedicated exclusively to low-income entrepreneurs; people without access to traditional funding sources. We are convince that they have the ability to develop and manage a business.  In addition, 100% of the funds invested are allocated to entrepreneurs through our Community Loan Fund.

Positive impacts of investing at ACEM

  • Making an ethical and responsible investment
  • Supporting low-income individuals in improving their financial and social conditions
  • Financing business projects and promoting job creation in your community
  • Participating in creating an inclusive and sustainable community
  • Promoting Community credit
  • Receiving a financial return on your investment


ACEM in figures:

  • $3 605 000 in loans since 1990
  • Capitalization: $1 000 000
  • Loan reimbursement rate: 94%


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