Visitors from Mali – RENAPESS

Published on : 2016-09-13

Madani Koumare +Baba Cissé - RENAPESS

September 12, 2016 – We had the honor to welcome Mr. Madani Koumare, President of Réseau national d’appui à la promotion de l’ÉSS au Mali, and his colleague Mr. Baba Cissé, Youth and Job Program Supervisor.

To guide them, Anne Kettenbeil, Executive Director, and Jacqueline Bazompora, Business plan training Program supervisor at ACEM Financement Communautaire Responsable as well as Roselyne Mavungu, President and CEO of the Réseau québécois du crédit communautaire. They share there experience about microcredit and marginalized populations. It was also the occasion to talk about our projects abroad. A great meeting!

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