F.F, Syria


As a recent immigrant to Quebec from Syria, I faced many challenges looking for a job. I needed to have my architecture degree certified and the expenses were high. “La Maisonnée” referred me to ACEM since they have a program called "Foreign Credential Recognition Loans". I was able to start the process of my certificate and later on find a job!

Malek El Rahabi, Algeria

Engineer recognized by the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec

I'll never forget ACEM's professionalism: a warm welcome, the quality of information about the services and the ability of the loan committee members to listen during the interview.

Maryam Nikoopour, Iran

Webmaster (recognition completed)

It was only two months after moving to Montréal, when I decided to study at McGill. This big achievement wouldn't have been possible without ACEM’s financial support. The group is professional and the smooth workflow enables you to meet the deadlines without any delay.

Interview: Farah Fawzi, Syria

Architect recognized by the Ordre des architectes du Québec

The professional recognition helped me integrate in the job market, I found a job in my field and I'm building my Canadian work experience.

Interview: René Izaguirre, Honduras

Engineer, Recognition in process

The first thing I want to say is than you so much! ACEM's Objective Recognition Team knows our names and understands our needs, our worries and the differents steps that we have to go through as new immigrants.

German Godoy Cardenas, Colombia

Engineer recognized by the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec

Since completing my professional recognition and obtaining a new job, I had a 180 degrees life change. A big THANK YOU to the team for your help just when I was in need of financial and moral support.

Yurany Velez, Colombia


My gratitude for helping me with the beginning of my credential recognition process.

Joseph Ngambi, Cameroon

Lawyer recognized by the Barreau du Québec

Beyond the financial aspect, I had the chance to talk to people with exceptional human qualities and having the sole purpose to help me. For us immigrants, often facing the complexity of a new system, this is priceless.

Miguel Rojas, Venezuela

Engineer, Recognition in process

Thank you ACEM for your trust and support to help me acheive a new quality of life by working in my field of expertise. You deserve my gratitude and admiration.

Interview: Nathaly Diaz, Peru

Dentist recognized by the Ordre des dentistes du Québec

ACEM beleived in me and mey capacity to succeed. ACEM helped me to become a better individual, someone who can contribute to society.

Seize your opportunity : Finance, Governance & Entrepreneurship

ACEM takes part to the Black History Month!

This event is organized by ACEM Financement Communautaire Responsable in collaboration with the Réseau québécois du crédit communautaire.

Catalyseur Entrepreneurial 2016-2017

Programmation 2016-2017

Autres activités à venir! // More activities to come!

Angel Perez, Venezuela


Quebec invests in immigrants and we would like to stay here and contribute to Quebec.

N.M, Iran


Immigrants come to this country in the hope of a better life in terms of job and salary. Their resources are limited and getting a job and taking professional exams is hard. The role of ACEM’s microcredit has helped me greatly.

Srinivasulu Madduri, India

Trained as a doctor of medicine, accredited in Clinical Research

I was amazed to learn that ACEM helps new immigrants to overcome the initial obstacles while trying to establish in Canada. I wanted to upgrade my skills by doing a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research at McGill University. ACEM helped me provide the financial support in the form of a loan with a minimal prime rate which was extremely handy.


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  Ms. Fawzi is an architect from Syria with 7 years of professional experiences under her belt. She immigrated to Canada in 2013. She received a loan through ACEM's Foreign Credential Recognition Program "Objectif Reconnaissance" to get her credential recognized by the Ordre des architectes du...
Meet Dr Nathaly Diaz, a Peru trained dentist recognized by the Ordre des dentiste du Québec. She got a loan from ACEM through out the Foreign Credential Recognition Program Objective Recognition....
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Interview with Mr. J. Henao, a dentist trained in Colombia. He obtained a loan from ACEM for the recognition of his foreign credential in order to practice as a dentist in Quebec.   *interview with english subtitles...

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