Torréfiction Café-Resto

Pierre-Olivier Masse

ACEM's financial support helped my company to minize the impact of seasonality of sales in the industry.

Gym Social (Coop. CEPA)

Rafael Murillo

ACEM's approach was professional, well structured and welcoming. They are attentive to the needs of the Community.

Le Palais du beurre de Karité

Mariam Simbré

Starting a business isn't always easy. Le Palais du Beurre de Karité was created with the help of ACEM's financing. Thank you so much!

Le goût du palais chez Mimi

Marie-Émilie Sambou

ACEM gave me the strenght to go forward with my business project. ACEM isn't like a bank. You also receive coaching and that makes the process interesting. It's different. The staff is there to help you.

Aliments Délifrais

Nelida Carranza & Jorge Mondragon

ACEM's team was really attentive to our needs. In addition to the training with the Cercles d'emprunt de l'île, the financing was a big help to get our project on the right track.

SOS Toilettage Free-Mousse

Véronique Poitevin

I want to thank ACEM (Montreal Community Loan Fund) for the incredible support and advice I received.

Seize your opportunity : Finance, Governance & Entrepreneurship

ACEM takes part to the Black History Month!

This event is organized by ACEM Financement Communautaire Responsable in collaboration with the Réseau québécois du crédit communautaire.

Interview: Crêpes mobiles Kebreiz

Evane Cusson-Calves

In addition to their financial help that allowed me to participate in a big event, I appreciated their constant presence through out the process. A really great team!

Les Délices Sirar

Sirar Charba

ACEM's financing was a big help with regards to the working capital of my company. Thank you!

Comptoir Urbain & Espace Végane

Loren Dafniostis

What ACEM did for me hepled to save my company. The services I received were well adapted to my reality as an entrepreneur. I know that I can always count on the team for useful advice. ACEM's work is essential!

Interview: Erudite Science

Patrick Poirier

ACEM's loan allowed Erudite Science to stay alive! This finacial help has had a leverage effect in order to attract new financing sources.


Sarah Bonafos

ACEM is not just a loan fund, it's also a beautiful team that helped me beyond the financial support. The coaching and support I received were as important as the financing itself.

Catalyseur Entrepreneurial 2016-2017

Programmation 2016-2017

Autres activités à venir! // More activities to come!

La Troisième Avenue

Executive Director

Without ACEM, we would have cut jobs and stopped all activities. We are very satisfied of the speed of work with which ACEM answered our needs as well as other community organizations.

Montreal Community Loan Fund

Montreal's original Microcredit

Leading player in microfinance / microcredit in Montreal, the Montreal Community Loan Fund provides financing and technical support.


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